Buy your tickets!

Show times: March 14 & 15 at 7 pm. Tickets are $10
There will be Ticket sales at JES on 3/9 from 11am-2:30pm and before the shows at 6:30pm. Cash (small bills) and check only.

Play Cast & Crew has been announced.  Please see the list here.

Please look at the schedule and program guidelines.

Important Dates
  • October 24-November 13 – 5th Grade Registration Period.
  • October 29-November 27 – Registration for K-4th GradesRegistration forms due by Tuesday, November 27th.
  • Thursday, November 29 – Cast announced
  • Tuesday, December 11 – 6:30 pm – mandatory parent meeting for those participating in the play
  • Week of January 7 – Rehearsals begin
  • Saturday, February 23 and Saturday, March 9 – Saturday rehearsals for all cast and crew
  • March 13, 14, 15 – Performances

Additionally, please note the following:

5th Grade Actors Meeting: There will be a workshop on Wednesday, October 24 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the multipurpose room for all 5th grade students interested in acting onstage in this year’s production. During the workshop, students will work with the professional director Chris Wilson so that he can make casting decisions in early January. Student interview forms will be available on the PTA website the last week of October for those few students who have unavoidable conflicts and cannot attend. Those forms must be completed by November 2nd and turned in at the school office.

Parent Volunteers Needed!  We need parent volunteers in a variety of roles, including two production managers, two K Chorus managers, two Set and Costume Crew managers, and 1 Publicity Crew manager.  Please note that students will be exempt from the lottery if his/her parent takes on one of the above significant volunteer roles.  Exempt students will not impact the number of students taken through the lottery.

Parent Producers Needed!  In addition, we are looking for a new parent producer(s) or assistant producer beginning in the school year 2019-20.  Parent(s) willing to take on that role are welcome to shadow produce (without the responsibility) this year.

IMPORTANT – Register for this year’s school play

Registration for the school play is now open!  Whether your child loves to act, cannot stop singing, has a talent for art, or just wants to be a part of an incredible experience, there is something for children in all grades!

School play roles include:

  • K Chorus for Kindergarten Students
  • Chorus for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade Students
  • Set and costume crew, backstage and actors for 4th Grade Students
  • Set and costumer crew, backstage crew, publicity crew and actors for 5th Grade Students

The registration form can be found here for 5th graders and here for all other grades.

Please email if you would like to volunteer or have any questions.