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The Jamestown PTA operates on a budget for the fiscal year running from August 1 through July 31. The budget for each fiscal year is formed in the spring based on input from Committee Chairs, parents, and teachers and is approved by the PTA at Back-to-School Night. Please view the budget for the current fiscal year below.

We welcome parents to attend the June and September PTA meetings where the proposed budget is discussed in detail. You may also forward any feedback on the budget for the following fiscal year to the PTA Treasurer.

Financial statements are prepared monthly to show our fundraising revenue and program expenses versus the budget. These statements are shared at the PTA meetings and posted online monthly.

All committee chairs and staff are asked to use funds budgeted to their programs by April 15 but may request an extension in writing. If the PTA identifies any underutilized areas of the budget or any income in excess of fundraising targets, the PTA considers “wish list” requests from parents and teachers for purchases at the May PTA meeting. We welcome you to attend the May meeting to present any “wish list” requests and to submit them in advance to the Treasurer.

If you have a PTA expense, you need to submit a form and receipt(s) to be reimbursed.  The form can be submitted online (with an electronic copy of the receipt) or in paper form to the Treasurer’s box in the copy room at school or the Treasurer’s house.  Please allow 5-10 business days for check requests and contact the Treasurer directly at treasurer@jamestownpta.org for any requests that need to be expedited.  We are sorry, but we generally cannot accomodate requests in less than 4 business days.  All expenses must be within the amounts budgeted for the year unless the Executive Board or PTA approves the expense in advance.

If you have collected any PTA funds, you need to count the money (including check amounts), fill out a deposit form, and contact the Treasurer to arrange a drop off of funds. The Treasurer will then double count the deposit, prepare the deposit, and take it to the bank. The Treasurer will send out an email confirming the deposit. A double count is a required step to ensure accountability.