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PTA committee chairs can use multiple communication channels to reach Jamestown families.

Posting to the E-Newsletter: Please send e-mails to newsletter-editor@JamestownPTA.org.  Unless a message is time sensitive, it will be included in the weekly e-newsletter, which generally goes out on Friday. Please be sure to send your message before Friday morning for inclusion that week.  Messages should be brief (a short paragraph), and any documents (e.g. sign up forms) should be hyperlinked.  If you need to post documents to the PTA website to reference, send the information to webmaster@jamestownpta.org, and you will be provided a hyperlink to use. Please see instructions below about posting to the PTA website.  E-mails can also be sent to specific grades, when requested, so general information to grades does not have to be distributed through room parents..

Posting to the PTA Website: Please e-mail any messages or documents to be posted on the PTA website to webmaster@JamestownPTA.org. To ensure all readers can open documents, please consider publishing documents as PDF files.  (Hint:  there are many free PDF writers available to download that allow you to “print” any document and save it as a PDF file.  A good one can be found at http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/Writer.asp.)  If you expect to have regular needs and would like to post to the PTA website directly, please contact the webmaster to give you a login to the PTA website for you to publish directly.

Sending Flyers in Backpack Mail: All flyers must be submitted to the Principal via the front office staff for approval.  Once approved, copies can be made on the school copier located in the office (please cede to teachers as appropriate).  Please note that the office staff and teachers do not make copies for the PTA, and you will need to copy yourself.  Please do not use Kinkos, since the PTA pays a flat annual fee to use the copier at Jamestown and, consequently, will not reimburse copy costs at Kinkos or another vendor.  A distribution list with the number of copies needed for every student or every family is posted over the copy machine. After copying, place the number needed per teacher in each of their mailboxes — it is usually best to paperclip and attach a note with the teacher’s name, instructions, and number of copies. Flyers generally go home in Friday folders, though some teachers may send papers home daily. Flyers should be placed in teacher’s mailboxes at least one day before the Friday that you’d like them to go home and preferably by Wednesday.

Using the Display Case in Front Entrance of the School: The PTA has first priority in using the display case at the front of the school.  If you would like to use the display case, please sign up well in advance on the calendar in the office.

Questions About Anything Not Covered Above? Please contact our VP of Publications and Communications at communications@JamestownPTA.org.