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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

September 4, 2012

 Call to Order – Katherine Price

  •  A motion was made and passed to approve the June 5, 2012 PTA meeting minutes
  • There are several vacant PTA positions for this year:  PTA President – As of 10/1/12, Katherine Price is stepping down from her position as PTA President.  Winter Social Chair – a committee is already established, but someone is needed to oversee the winter social.  Assistant Treasurer– Need a detail-oriented person for this position; do not have to be a CPA.  Boundary Liaison – Need 1 or 2 people to attend meetings on boundary/redistricting and report back to Jamestown. Outdoor Garden Chairman – Will work closely with Ms. Runkle to execute her plan and coordinate volunteers.  Reflections Coordinator– Need 1 additional person to help with Reflections Contest.

Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Jamestown has almost 650 students enrolled this year.  Last year we had a little less than 600.  Jamestown had 13 new transfer students into 4th grade.  Was necessary to add a fifth 4thgrade class.
  • This year we have 4 Kindergarten classes, 3 1st grade, 3 2nd grade, 3 Multi-age, 5 3rd grade, 5 4th grade and 4 5th grade classes.  The class sizes for each grade are relatively small.
  • There are many new staff members this year.  A list of staff members and their emails will be on the Jamestown website as well as a print copy in the office.
  • Ms. Schaffner interviewed over 300 people for the openings in Jamestown – she feels very comfortable with the teachers and the experience they bring to Jamestown.
  • Helene Jernick – public health nurse at Jamestown (we share with Nottingham).  She would like to be more involved with wellness in Jamestown community.
  • The new relocatables/trailers are in great shape; the generator is gone and Ms. Schaffner is arranging for a special air quality test.  The teachers and 5th graders seem very happy.  The 5th grade classes are holding a contest to name the trailers.
  • Jamestown has more busses this year.  It should make them less crowded.  The students who rode the bus were given color-coded bracelets for the first week of school to make sure they got on correct bus.
    • So far no list of bus routes available
    • Students should receive a permanent bus pass in late Sept.
    • If student goes on play date – school must approve.  Parent must send in written permission to school and teacher will give to front office.
    • New dismissal process – K and 1st in MPR, 2nd and 3rd in hallway and 4th/5th released by teachers.
    • Ms. Schaffner said she would check at Transportation meeting to see what parent should do if child needs to ride the bus to school with friend in the morning.
    • Parents expressed concern with overcrowding at the bus stops and new bus stops not being as convenient.
    • According to Ms. Moorehead maximum of 77 kids on bus.  If a student is eligible for bus service they are counted on bus list even if they don’t ride the bus.
    • The 5th graders will not be allowed to walk unaccompanied from the school building to the trailers.  They will walk with teachers to and from building or with office staff if they arrive late to school.

Treasurer’s Report – Jill Curran

  • Current financial statements were distributed.  The proposed 2012-2013 budget was also distributed and discussed and will be voted on at the Back to School nights.
  •  Audit was completed.  A motion was made and was passed to adopt audit report.
  • End of year cash balance higher than expected.
  • Ms. Schaffner said Technology dept. requesting new iPad carts because we have 90 new iPads.  A motion was made and passed to approve $7300 toward the purchase of new carts.
  • Kiran Pinto officially taking over as PTA treasurer.

Community Relations – Renee Clough

  • Thank you to the New Families Committee for providing the donuts and coffee for first day
  • PTA dues are $10 per person – can be paid online or by check
  • Need additional person for Reflections contest
  • The Ice Cream Social will be sometime this month.
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand at open house made $1,154.

Internal Relations – Audrey Lesesne

  • Back-to-school packets will go home this week – will contain a variety of information.
  • Back-to-School night on September 19.  8th grade Girl Scout troop is offering babysitting at Walker Chapel.
  • After school activities schedule will be available soon.  We have about 3-4 different activities offered each day of week.

Adjourned 8:46p.m.