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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

October 2, 2012

 Call to Order – Jill Curran

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the September 4, 2012 PTA meeting minutes

Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

Ms. Blake – 2nd grade teacher at Jamestown spoke during Ms. Schaffner’s time.  Thanked parents for their support and for opportunity to attend ITSE (International Society for Technology and Education).

  • Showcase highlights of ITSE conference – Ms. Tokarcyzk and Ms. Blake presented at conference this past year.
    • Showcased student work and highlighted projects –
      • 2nd grade animation film festival, Spanish – maracas, QR codes used for scavenger hunt at Jamestown, E-books, social media, networking – Peter Reynolds (author/illustrator of The Dot) will be coming to Jamestown this school year in Jan. or May.
      • Very excited for him to visit – any ideas for his please let Ms. Blake know.
      • Any connections to hotel/lodging for Mr. Reynolds please email Ms. Blake or Ms. Schaffner

Janine Velasco – Member of Facilities Advisory Committee attended meeting and led a discussion on boundary issue.

  • This year APS is going to re-draw boundaries for new school on WMS site.  APS wants involvement of parents of students who will be using new school.

Parents provided the following feedback regarding the boundary issue:

  •  Concern that only North Arlington overcrowding being addressed now and there may be a “ripple” effect in South Arlington because of it.
  • Question about whether the current team schools will still exist.
  • Criteria for evaluating and designing the new boundaries should use a comparison chart based on different sets of criteria.
    • APS wants to update criteria they previously used to make boundary decisions.  Discussions to figure out how to “modernize” process.
  • Should new Williamsburg school be a neighborhood school or a specialty school like Key or ATS
  • Boundary change discussion should also involve “grandfathering” and how that will affect new Williamsburg school
  • Suggestion that APS get expertise from other school systems that have already dealt with the boundary issue
  • Concern about location of new school on the Williamsburg MS site
  • Question about rush to establish new boundaries
    • APS wants to give families plenty of advanced warning about boundary changes
    • Want to give families time to build new school community
  • Would be helpful if community was able to see a draft of new boundaries before final decision is made
  • Should do a Jamestown community survey to see what are most important priorities for new boundaries
  • APS needs to discuss whether new school will also offer FLES like Jamestown
  • Concern that even with new school, trailers will still be necessary

Janine Velasco will take feedback from our community and it will be considered in evaluation and design of new boundaries.  She also offered to come back to other PTA meetings as needed.

Jason Rylander – Co-chair of School Bond Campaign

  • 20% increase in # of students in APS in last 5 years
  • By 2021 – 7000 seat deficit in MS/HS

Urging PTA/parents in school to formally endorse school bond

  • Motion made and passed for PTA to support bond

Treasurer’s Report – Kiran Pinto

  • September financials distributed

Internal Relations – Audrey Lesesne

  • After school activities have started – will run through December
  • Wellness program – Chef from Westin Hotel is back and will be in 3rd through 5th grades this year
  • Room parents will be in contact soon

Jay Williams

  • Directory is ordered – should be in soon
  • Website almost completed


  • Robin O’Reilly and Kristin Emery – chairs for wrapping paper fundraiser –spoke in place of Wendy Noe
    • Using a new local company, Lavenders this year
    • Have new products
  • Still in search of auction chair for this year’s auction


Meeting adjourned 8:55p.m.