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PTA Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2010

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting
October 5, 2010

Call to Order – Katherine Price substituted for Cliff Logan who was unable to attend.
• The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.
• Motions were made and passed to approve the June 10, 2010 PTA meeting minutes and the September 7, 2010 Minutes.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe
• Today we had an Evacuation Drill and the children and teachers walked to the Memorial Baptist Church on Glebe Road, the location to which we will evacuate in case of emergency. It was a successful drill and took less than one hour. If parents would like to review the school’s Emergency Plan, a copy is kept in the library.
• Ms. Annan also reported on the results of the APS Spring 2010 site-based survey of parents and fifth graders. A copy will be kept in the library.
• Ms. Annan also reviewed Jamestown’s SOL results from the 2009-10 year. The students did very well. These results will be in the library for parents to see.
• Ms. Annan announced that our School Management Plan will change this year. The Superintendent has asked for 3 “Smart Goals” that can be measured in one year. One focus for Jamestown will be children with disabilities. The plan will also focus on school climate for children and parents.
• If parents are interested in joining the School Plan Advisory Committee, please contact Ms. Annan. The committee includes parents, Executive Board members and a community representative.
• The Kindergarten team attended the PTA meeting. They reported that, in large part because of Responsive Classroom, the atmosphere at Jamestown for students, teachers, and staff is very respectful, supportive and enjoyable. They also thanked the PTA for funding the Responsive Classroom training classes for groups of teachers.

Fundraising – Katherine Price
• Merchandising – Jamestown hoodies, sweatshirts and vintage t-shirts will go on sale soon.
• The Sally Foster fundraiser ended on October 1, 2010. Because of the company’s change in format, we raised only $2400 of the $8000 that we anticipated. Please remember that, unlike other years, it is possible to buy wrapping paper, etc. all year long on the Sally Foster website and to designate that proceeds from each sale should go to Jamestown.

Treasurer – Jill Curran
• Current financial statements were distributed.

External Relations – Brenna Isman
• The Ice Cream Social was held on Saturday, September 25 and was a success. Thanks to Renee Clough for all of her work coordinating the event.
• Membership Update – Any parents and teachers who have not yet joined the PTA are encouraged to do so.

Internal Relations – Peggy Richardson
• Please contact Ms. Richardson if you are interested in coordinating the Classics in the Classroom program this year.

Recording Secretary – Beth Welsh
• Our PTA bylaws must be reviewed and submitted for re-approval this year (every 5 years). If anyone is interested in being on the bylaws committee, please contact Beth Welsh.

Adjourned 8:30 p.m.