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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

November 1, 2011


Call to Order – Katherine Price


  • Before the meeting, Amy Miknis, Jamestown’s Resource Teacher for the Gifted, shared information about gifted services and answered questions.
  • A motion was made and passed to approve the October 4, 2011 PTA meeting minutes.
  • According to Jamestown’s representative to the County Council of PTAs (CCPTA), Jamestown is one of 16 schools throughout APS recommended for further study regarding possible site expansion to alleviate capacity concerns.


Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner


  • Ms. Schaffner distributed and discussed the 2011-12 School Management Plan      and our 3 SMART goals.  SMART Goal 1 is to achieve an overall pass advanced

rate of 80% in each grade level on the Math SOL while increasing the pass rate       for students in subgroups by 10 percentage points.  SMART Goal 2 is to promote             problem solving, empathy, and cultural sensitivity to enable Jamestown students to be active global citizens.  SMART Goal 3 is to have Jamestown staff             collaborate to improve the social, emotional, and professional work environment.  If you are interested in seeing the School Management Plan, please contact Ms.          Schaffner.


External Relations – Renee Clough

  • We now have 430 PTA members (staff and parents).  All parents and teachers are invited to join the PTA.  Please fill out the membership envelope with your contact information.  The cost is $10 per member.
  • The Reflections Contest deadline is November 9, 2011.


Treasurer – Jill Curran

  • Current financial statements were distributed.


Corresponding Secretary – Laura Cressey

  • We are working to get Paypal functionality for the PTA website for purchases such as t-shirts, PTA memberships, and book fair items.


Internal Relations – Audrey Lesesne


  • Karen McAndrews spoke about creating a Student Wellness program in order to help children make healthy lifestyle/food choices.  Maggie Grant, a Jamestown parent, plans to volunteer to come to PE classes for grades 3-5 and teach yoga and speak about nutrition.  Ms. McAndrews is also looking into a chef in residence program.  The committee working with Ms. McAndrews would like to create a “Wellness Campaign” to take pictures of staff making healthy choices and post around the school.


Fundraising – Wendy Noe


  • The Spring Fair will be held on April 21, 2012.  We still need chairs.  Please contact Wendy Noe to volunteer.
  • School picture make-up day is November 18.
  • Ms. Noe is researching restaurant fundraisers possibly at Hard Times Café or Homemade Pizza Company.  She is also considering an e-script fundraiser in which we sell gift cards to stores and a large percentage of the purchase would be returned to Jamestown.  A motion was made and approved to have Ms. Noe pursue these fundraising opportunities.
  • The Winter Social will be held on February 10, 2012 at the Washington Golf and Country Club.  The Fall Book Fair is November 14, 15, 16.


  • Adjourned 8:40 p.m.