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PTA Meeting Minutes – November 3, 2009

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting
November 3, 2009

Call to Order – Cliff Logan
• The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. There was a motion made and accepted to approve the minutes of the October 6, 2009, PTA meeting.
• Before the meeting, there was an informative presentation given by Jamestown’s Resource Teacher for the Gifted, Amy Miknis.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe
• H1N1 Update – Many students and teachers have been out sick in the last two weeks. On October 31, there were 104 Jamestown students out of school. Many teachers and substitutes are also out. Jamestown has a teacher rotation plan in place such that the Art, Music and PE teachers can serve as classroom teachers if needed. If parents are interested in serving as substitute teachers, they should contact the APS personnel office to go through the necessary procedures. When children are ill, please notify the school nurse of the symptoms. APS does not know when the vaccine will be available but Jamestown has a procedure planned to give the vaccine whenever it becomes available.
• Ms. Annan Glascoe recently submitted the paperwork to APS for the Assistant Superintendent for Facilities to determine whether we may install a sliding glass security door in the front lobby of the school. We have a bid to install the door for $9800. $7000 that was set aside for classroom door locks would be used to help pay for the installation of the door.
• Betsy Upton, a Jamestown parent, has arranged for the Secret Service to come to Jamestown on December 4 with the Operation Safe Kids program. As part of this program, the parents will receive a card containing their child’s fingerprints and picture. The information is not kept in an electronic database. Children may not participate without a signed consent form. Forms will be sent home in backpack mail on Friday, November 6.
• The SCA is collecting sheets and blankets for the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Bultman
• Due to Mr. Bultman’s illness, there was no treasurer’s report.

Fundraising – Katherine Price
• So far this year, the PTA has raised $2300 through selling merchandise.
• The Book Fair will be held during the week of November 16. Parent volunteers are needed.

Internal Relations – Peggy Richardson
• Several volunteers have been working in the Outdoor Courtyard weeding beds and prepping walkways. Ms. Richardson will call Pete Neal to get an update on the pergola for the Courtyard. Mulch has been requested from the County.
• A parent raised an issue about birthday celebrations at school and suggested that we change our practice of bringing sweets into the classroom. Instead, the parent suggested that birthdays be celebrated with non-food options or, at least, healthier food choices. The PTA will survey the community on whether to change the current practice.
• A parent requested more information about the sliding security door that we have asked the county for permission to install in the lobby. The goal is to have a secure building and to have parents and visitors sign in at the front office. These issues have been discussed for many months at the PTA meetings and the PTA will send an update in the electronic newsletter.

External Relations – Brenna Isman
• Approximately 25 children entered the Reflections Contest.
• Approximately 400 people have joined the PTA this year.

Corresponding Secretary – Laura Cressey
• Jamestown’s food service was discussed and the PTA agreed to survey the community to determine whether parents would be interested in having a representative from the county talk to the PTA about food choices.
• In response to a call from Ms. Cressey, Arlington County moved the construction equipment on Delaware Street out of the crosswalks and sidewalks. The construction should be finished in late November.

Adjourned 8:37 p.m.