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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

May 1, 2012


Before the meeting, APS Superintendent Patrick Murphy spoke to the PTA.  The PTA presented him with a copy of the posters from the Wellness Committee’s “Chew on This” campaign.   Superintendent Murphy opened the discussion to questions and he was asked to update the PTA on the APS capacity issues.  Specifically, Murphy was asked whether APS could use the Madison Center as an elementary school.  He said that the Madison Center is not centrally located within Arlington.  Also, it was determined that, for a cost of $5 million, APS could obtain 8 classrooms at the Madison Center.  This is compared to a cost of $850,000 to obtain 8 classrooms in relocatables. He indicated that the School Board created a new option that had not been previously considered.  “Option Set E” proposes to create 2 new schools (one on WMS property and the other near Kenmore Middle School) and to build an addition at 2 schools (Ashlawn and McKinley).  The 2 new school buildings would also be available if needed in the future for middle school space.   APS is estimating 4% annual growth in grades K-12.  On May 10, 2012, the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) will be issued which will be a 10-year plan.  Four work sessions will be held after this.  The School Board has $22 million in reserves and, after the CIP is issued, APS can begin to plan the addition at Ashlawn.  The estimated date for having an elementary school on WMS property is 2015-16.   One possible interim solution is to install reloctables at more schools.  (Ms. Schaffner added that Jamestown will have 5 Kindergarden classes next year, another 3d grade class and another 5th grade class.)  Dr. Murphy was also asked if APS will shorten the school year because no snow days were used this year.  He said APS will not shorten the school year because instruction time is APS’s priority.  Also, schedules are in motion for graduations.  He also said that APS made a commitment to parents about the date on which school would end.  In response to another question, Murphy said that the School Board is committed to continuing the FLES program in elementary and middle schools.  Superintendent Murphy also congratulated Jamestown for its Apple Distinguished awards, the Responsive Classroom Approach, and increasing the Advanced-Pass rate for its fifth grade Math SOL from 73% in 2010 to 88% in 2011.  He also thanked Mrs. Schaffner and Ms. Moorehead for doing a great job during their first year in their new administrative roles.


Call to Order – Katherine Price

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the April 10, 2012, PTA meeting minutes.


Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Thanks to everyone involved in making Salad Day a success.  The children planted seeds that were donated by AFAC, harvested the lettuce and ate salad at lunch today.  Thanks to Ms. Ramirez, Ms. Runkle and Ms. Hansen for organizing this event.


External Relations – Renee Clough

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the following persons to fill the open PTA Executive Board positions for the 2012-13 school year:  Recording Secretary – Becky Logan; Corresponding Secretary – Jay Williams; Treasurer – Jill Curran.
  • There are Committee Chair positions that remain open such as the Gift Wrap Fundraiser Chairs (2 people), After-School-Activities Chair, Reflections Contest Chairs, PTA website editor, and Assistant Treasurer.  Please contact Renee Clough if you are interested.


Fundraising – Wendy Noe

  • Update on Spring Fair – Thanks to Cathy Betz and Karina Srebrow for chairing the Spring Fair this year.  It was held on a beautiful day and everyone had a great time.  Unfortunately, the number of volunteers, cake donations, attendance and revenues were down this year.

Treasurer’s Report – Jill Curran

  • Current financials were distributed.
  • A motion was made and passed to approve the audit report.
  • There were extensive discussions about “wish list” items and a motion was made and passed to spend no more than $4,078 towards wish list items in order to ensure that we have sufficient funds in the bank at the beginning of the next school year.
  • The following wish list items were approved:  Bag of Books Program ($1269); projector for music rooms ($300).  A motion was made and passed that the remaining $2400 of “wish list” money remain in the budget for next year.


Adjourned 9:45 p.m.