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PTA Meeting Minutes – May 4, 2010

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

May 4, 2010

Call to Order – Cliff Logan

* The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. There was a motion made and accepted to approve the minutes of the April 4, 2010, PTA meeting. The Fifth Grade team attended the meeting. Approximately 13 additional parents attended the meeting.

* A Motion was made and approved to accept the Nominating Committee’s slate of officers for next year’s PTA Executive Board:

Laura Cressey – Corresponding Secretary

Katherine Price – Fundraising

Beth Welsh – Recording Secretary

Jill Curran – Treasurer

PTA committee vacancies will be announced in the e-newsletter.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe

* There was a discussion on the proposed internal security doors. Ms. Annan Glascoe reviewed the 3-year history behind this proposal. In order to increase the security of the children, we began to lock the external doors over one year ago. Because the “buzzing-in” system is outdated, we initially received bids on updating this system. APS indicated that it would be updating this system in the future (at an undetermined time) and would tear out any improvements we installed. We then began to discuss the installation of internal security doors. All APS new construction has internal security doors and they are the preferred security system for all new buildings. Internal security doors for Jamestown have not yet been approved by APS.

* The PTA also discussed a separate issue of having parents/visitors sign in at the office when visiting the school. While some parents/visitors consistently comply with this requirement, many do not. Failing to sign-in increases the lack of security at the school because the front office is unaware of who is in the school. Many people visit Jamestown each day. We discussed having a grassroots effort by parents to enforce the sign-in process. We also discussed having a “safety committee” that would make suggestions about how effectively to enforce the sign-in requirements. The PTA members who are interested in participating in this committee may meet before the June 2010 PTA meeting although we will put this item on the agenda for that meeting. Another reminder will be sent to parents in the e-newsletter about the sign-in requirement.

* 14 teachers registered for the one-week Responsive Classroom Training during the summer. Next year, we will have a Responsive Classroom night so that parents may see how it works in the classroom. Thanks to the PTA for funding this initiative.

* Mr. Donovan, Mr. Turner, Ms. Hess and Ms. Gagliolo are at the Boston Museum of Science taking an Elementary Level Engineering class.

* Technology Update – Ms. Gagliolo bought an I-Pad which the children love to use. Because she is an Apple Distinguished Educator, she received a discount on 10 I-Pads for Jamestown. Thank you to the PTA for funding these purchases.

* Thank you to the PTA Hospitality Committee for providing lunches, breakfasts, and snacks during Teacher Appreciation Week.

* As we do each year, the “wish list” for remaining PTA funds will be voted on at the June PTA meeting. If parents and teachers have “wish list” suggestions, please notify Ms. Annan Glascoe and Cliff Logan.

Fundraising – Katherine Price

* School supplies will be ordered after May 15. We will emphasize on-line ordering this year.

Recording Security – Beth Welsh

* We will post an agenda on the website each month prior to the PTA meeting. Additional issues may be raised at the meeting. PTA meeting minutes are not approved until the next PTA meeting and are not posted on the website until they are approved.

Adjourned 8:40 p.m.