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PTA Meeting Agenda – May 4, 2010

Jamestown PTA Meeting

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7:30 p.m., Library


1. Welcome – Cliff Logan, PTA President
o Approval of April 6, 2010 Minutes
o Vote on Proposed Slate of Officers for PTA Exec Board 2010-11 (Laura Cressey, Corresponding Secretary; Katherine Price, Fundraising; Beth Welsh, Recording Secretary; Jill Curran, Treasurer).
o Nominating Committee is still working on identifying and filling committee vacancies. Please contact committee members if interested.

2. Principal’s Report – Ms. Laura Annan Glascoe
o Update on Internal Security Door
o Teacher Professional Development
o Update on Technology

3. Executive Summaries

Fundraising – Katherine Price

+ School supplies sales

Treasurer – Roger Bultman

+ Update on Budget

Recording Secretary – Beth Welsh

+ Discussion of Agenda for PTA meetings

4. Adjourn