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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

March 6, 2012

Call to Order – Katherine Price

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the February 7, 2012, PTA meeting minutes.


Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Before the meeting, Janae Rittenhouse, Counseling Director at Williamsburg Middle School, spoke about the transition to middle school.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences went well and very few had to be rescheduled.  The teachers want to thank the PTA Hospitality Committee for providing lunch during conferences.  The 5th grade writing SOL is underway (March 6 and 7).  So far, we have had a very calm, productive year thanks to the staff, students and parents.
  • The Primary Team concept is being changed for next year.  Students will not automatically loop with the same class from first to second grade.  It is helpful to be able to group the students according to their needs.

Treasurer’s Report – Jill Curran

  • Current financials were distributed.


External Relations – Renee Clough

  • We will need 2 new Reflections Coordinators next year.  Please contact Renee Clough if you would like more information.
  • We discussed whether Jamestown should engage in additional community service activities this year.  Katherine Price briefed the PTA on the community service activities undertaken by the PTA and the SCA so far this year.  They include:  Alex’s Lemonade Stand to benefit the fight against children’s cancer, a toy drive for the Arlington Pediatric Center (APC) which treats Arlington children whose families are low-income, a walk for ASPAN, and an upcoming cereal Drive for Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC).  Also, the SCA organized Pennies for Patients and a pet supplies drive for the Arlington Welfare League.  Other upcoming activities include the A Cappella Fest, Race for a Cause and Wear a Hat Day (SCA-sponsored).  Jill Curran has indicated that, under the Virginia PTA’s requirements, “PTAs have been granted federal tax exemption based on the Purposes of our association.  As a non-profit, PTAs may not raise funds based on their Purposes and then divert those funds to another non-profit organization, no matter how worthy the cause.”  She also handed out a document further explaining that “PTAs can organize and collect funds on behalf of another non-profit organization, such as for relief to the Asian tsunami victims.  However, it must be made clear that individual donations by check or money order must be made out directly to the relief organization and that cash donations will be converted to a money order by the PTA, made out directly to the relief organization.”  At a prior meeting, a suggestion was made by a parent that possibly the cash proceeds from the Spring Fair’s Secondhand Treasures, Used Book Sale, and Bake Sale could be dedicated to a group such as APC.  See February 7, 2012, Minutes.  At the current meeting, some parents expressed opposition to this idea for reasons including:  (a) whether it is contrary to the spirit of the Virginia PTA requirements; (b) it would be difficult to select charitable organizations acceptable to all PTA members since a group that is worthy of donations by some may be objectionable to others; (c) in an uncertain economy, proceeds from PTA fundraisers should be kept for Jamestown including the budget in upcoming years; (d) it would be difficult for parents to “opt out” of donating to specific rooms, such as the bake sale, at the Spring Fair when their kids want to participate; (e) raising money for a non-profit other than the PTA at the Spring Fair could confuse parents about where the proceeds of the fair are going; and (f) Jamestown is already doing enough community service activities.  On the other side of the issue, parents supported the proposal for reasons including:  (a) using the proceeds from a cash only room at the fair is not contrary to their interpretation of the Virginia PTA requirements; (b) the value of educating our children about the need that exists in the Arlington community and providing opportunities to get them involved (e.g. making sandwiches for AFAC or filling backpacks with food for Arlington children who do not have enough to eat); (c) the PTA has exceeded its fundraising goals for the year; and (d) supporting a charitable organization such as AFAC would reinforce activities already being done by the SCA and the PTA.  After discussion, a motion was made and did not pass to dedicate the proceeds from this year’s Secondhand Treasures, Used Book Sale and Bake Sale to AFAC for its backpack program.  (In favor – 8; Opposed – 10).  There was brief additional discussion during which a parent suggested that she could organize donations of food at the Spring Fair to help with AFAC’s backpack program.  At this point, the discussion was then directed towards other PTA business.

Recording Secretary –Beth Welsh

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the following members of the Nominating Committee for PTA vacancies for 2012-13:  Karen Apsel, Renee Clough, Jill Curran, Audrey Lesesne, and Becky Logan.


Internal Relations – Audrey Lesesne

  • Update on Wellness Committee – The poster campaign is underway.  Maggie Grant gave 6 yoga lessons to the 3-5 graders.  Chef Fontes will work with Grades 1, 2 and Multiage to help them learn about nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Wheat’s Landscaping donated spring cleanup to Jamestown’s grounds.
  • Jamestown has 4 Odyssey of the Mind teams going to the regional competition.
  • Junior Great Books has 15 groups at Jamestown this year.

Corresponding Secretary – Laura Cressey

  • Josh Hatch has agreed to be Jamestown’s new webmaster.
Adjourn 8:50 p.m.