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PTA Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2010

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting
March 2, 2010

Call to Order – Cliff Logan
• The meeting was called to order at 7:36 p.m. There was a motion made and accepted to approve the minutes of the February 4, 2010, PTA meeting.
• Thank you very much to all of the families who helped dig Jamestown out of the snow, and especially to Tyler Corson for organizing the shoveling efforts.
• APS has issued its proposed budget for the 2010-11 school year. The estimated budget shortfall has been decreased from the expected $100m to $65m. Significant cuts will be made throughout APS next year. Mr. Logan will send out a notice to parents summarizing the effect of the proposed budget cuts on Jamestown.
• A motion was made and accepted that the PTA Nominating Committee will consist of: Laura Cressey, Karen Duhamel, Brenna Isman, Nancy Marin, Wendy Noe, Katherine Price, Peggy Richardson, and Beth Welsh.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe
• Mrs. Annan Glascoe thanked the Fundraising committee for a wonderful winter social. The staff had a great time.
• Today, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, the students and staff participated in Drop Everything and Read (DEAR). All classes went into the hallway and the students read for 15 minutes.
• The fifth grade writing SOL will be on March 3, 2010.
• APS will be holding Work Sessions and Public Sessions to finalize the proposed budget. The School Board is always interested in parent input. APS is studying potential retirement/sick leave cuts for teachers and FLES program cuts over the next two years.

Fundraising – Katherine Price
• The Winter Social was held on Friday, February 26 at the Washington Golf and Country Club. The PTA wants to thank the Auction Co-Chairs, Wendy Noe and Susan Heffren for their huge efforts. Many thanks also to Kasey & Joe Crowley, Bridgett Romness, Tyler Corson, Jamie Littman and the many others who volunteered. We truly appreciate all of the work and effort that went into arranging such a wonderful event. A conservative estimate is that we raised approximately $37,000.
• We will order school supplies from EPI this year. FLES teachers will be included in ordering supplies.

External Relations – Peggy Richardson
• Carrie Lombardi and Laura Ayres have arranged for the Science Museum of Virginia to come to Jamestown on April 7, 2010 for Science Day. A program will be held for the entire school in the morning and then exhibits will be set-up in the Multipurpose Room and each class will visit the exhibits throughout the day. We need approximately 20 parent volunteers to help. Please contact Peggy Richardson if you are interested in helping.

Treasurer’s Report – Roger Bultman
• We have approximately $45,000 in the bank. All bills are current and the teachers have been given checks from the PTA to support their classrooms and students.
• An architect has drawn plans for inner doors in the lobby and the plans have been submitted to APS for approval. The architect is a 1960 graduate of Jamestown who later became the Architect of the Capitol.

Adjourned 8:40 p.m.