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PTA Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2009

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting
March 3, 2009

Call to Order – Herman Narcho

• The meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. The minutes of the February 3, 2009, PTA meeting were approved. Ms. Wise-Lightbourn was present at the meeting. In addition to the Executive Board, there were approximately four parents present.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan-Glascoe

• SACS – The SACS committee members spoke to 6-8 fifth graders and were very impressed with the children and how proud they are of Jamestown and especially of Jamestown’s use of Information Technology. The committee members were also impressed with the books the children are reading and how excited they are about learning.

• Ms. Wise-Lightbourn thanked the PTA for its support. March is Music and Art in Our Schools Month. The fifth grade Spring Concert will be held on May 13, 2009.

Treasurer’s Report –Miriam Discenza

• There was a Motion made and approved to carry forward into the 2009-10 budget the amount remaining in the current Library Budget. This will be used to supplement the library budget for next year and possibly to pay for another author’s visit.

Fundraising – Katherine Price

• The Winter Social was a huge success and raised approximately $40,000. Thanks to everyone who contributed to its success.

• We are researching a new vendor for school supplies for next year. Also, several volunteers have suggested expanding Jamestown’s merchandising and are researching whether this can be done through Jamestown’s website.

Community Relations – Karen Apsel

• School Play Update – Rehearsals have begun and are going very well. The children are working hard and having a lot of fun.

Corresponding Secretary – Laura Cressey

• A motion was made and passed to accept the following members of the Nominating Committee for the 2009-10 PTA Executive Board: Laura Cressey, Beth Welsh, Katherine Price, Brenna Isman, Nancy Marin, Jennifer Helsel, Karen Duhamel.

Adjourned 8:13 p.m.