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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

June 5, 2012


Call to Order – Katherine Price

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the May 1, 2012, PTA meeting minutes.
  • A motion was made and passed to approve Kiran Pinto to replace Jill Curran as PTA Treasurer for the next 2 school years.
  • Ms. Price is stepping down after only 1 year as PTA President to work on a business that she began in February.  If anyone is interested in filling this role, let her know.


Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Ms. Schaffner took responsibility for not notifying the community earlier that the reloctables were arriving.  The 4 fifth grade classes will be in the relocatables next year.  A parent expressed support for this.  In response to a parent’s question, Ms. Schaffner promised to test the air quality next year to make sure there is proper ventilation in the relocatables.  Also, Jamestown will house a pre-K class for 2-year-old during the 2012-13 school year in exchange for one of the reloctables that we received.
  • The Superintendent’s Proposed Capital Improvement Plan includes funding for a new elementary school to be opened on the Williamsburg Middle School site in the fall of 2015. Boundaries for this new school have not yet been decided. The boundary process that will result in redrawing boundaries to create a new neighborhood school will begin this fall. However, APS staff needs to begin planning for the design of the new school in September in order to make their construction targets. Jamestown has been asked to recruit two parents to serve on the Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) for the proposed new school. The BLPC will work with APS, Arlington County staff, and the architects who have been hired to develop a design for the new elementary school. This group will not be discussing boundaries for the new school. The BLPC is looking for parents who have an interest in the design of the new school. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Ms. Schaffner.
  • Jamestown’s first “Responsive Classroom Success Night” will be held on June 13th from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM. “Responsive Classroom Success Night” is a year-end celebration of students’ achievements using the Responsive Classroom Approach. Success Night was created as a means for students to demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the school year, and it also offers students and families a change to see what students will be doing at the next grade level.
  • Jamestown will be getting additional teachers next year.  We will get .6 PE teacher (3 days a week); .4 art teacher (2 days a week); .4 music teacher; .5 special education teacher and .5 Spanish teacher.  Fifth graders will have math and language arts in the morning.  One parent requested differentiation in Spanish classes.  Mrs. White (4th grade teacher) is going to Claremont next year.  Katherine Price asked if teachers leave Jamestown because of difficult parents.  Ms. Schaffner said that very seldom do teachers within APS come to Jamestown.  Ms. Moorehead said that there are difficult parents at every school and experienced teachers are aware of this.  Ms. Schaffner said that she loves being at Jamestown and wants to set a civil climate and hopes to improve interactions between parents and staff.


External Relations – Renee Clough

  • One  After-School-Activities Chair remains open.  We also need a Gardening Chair. Please contact Renee Clough if you are interested.  School supplies lists will be sent out soon.

Treasurer’s Report – Jill Curran

  • Current financials were distributed.
  • We reviewed the proposed budget for the 2012-13 school year at length.  Next year we will give more guidance to fundraising chairs on how much we expect them to try to raise.
  • A motion was made and did not pass to give all fifth graders free yearbooks.
  • A motion was made and passed to adopt the draft budget – with no objections being made to the proposed budget.

Adjourned 9:40 p.m.