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PTA Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2010

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

June 10, 2010

Call to Order – Cliff Logan
• The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. There was a motion made and accepted to approve the minutes of the May 4, 2010, PTA meeting.

• We still need a Grocery Card Program Coordinator for next year. Let Katherine Price know if you are interested.

• Roger Bultman has resigned as PTA Treasurer effective June 1, 2010, because he is moving. In conformity with the by-laws, a majority of the Executive Board voted that Jill Curran, who had already been elected to take his place this summer, will assume his duties now.

• Ms. Blaine attended the PTA meeting and thanked the PTA for its support in helping her provide great programs for the students in the library this year. Ms. Blaine put together a video presentation showing the students participating in the library’s activities throughout the year including Read Across America Day, author visits, the Origami Swami presentation and more. Ms. Blaine also presented the PTA with a book from the Kindergarten classes in appreciation.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe
• Ms. Gagliolo is an Apple Distinguished Educator and received a discount on 10 I-Pads for Jamestown. Ms. Gagliolo attended the PTA meeting and put together a video presentation showing how the students use the I-Pads in the classrooms (one is reserved for Special Education classes). Ms. Gagliolo sent similar videos to the Ed Center to show the value of integrating technology into the classroom. Ms. Gagliolo also thanked the PTA for funding these items.

Fundraising – Katherine Price
• School supply lists are available in the office if parents do not want to order through the vendor.

Treasurer – Jill Curran 
• The proposed budget for the 2010-11 school year was presented. One new item in the budget is a “Publishing Center” in which every child will be able to publish a book of his or her own. A motion was made and accepted to approve the budget as proposed.

• We also had a lengthy discussion about “wish list” items. Motions were made and approved to use wish-list funds for the following:

SMART Boards $6,870.00
iPad 10 Pack $5,790.00
Adjustable Stationary Bikes $2,000.00

We also agreed to set aside $2500 for PA System improvements in 2010-11 and $7000 for new locks on the classroom doors.

Adjourned 9:15 p.m.