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PTA Meeting Minutes – January 4, 2011

Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

January 4, 2011

Call to Order – Cliff Logan 
• The meeting was called to order at 7:33 p.m.
• Motions were made and passed to approve the December 7, 2010 PTA meeting minutes.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe

• Based on the results of the Spring 2010 site-based survey of parents, at the PTA meeting last month, we discussed school-home communication and homework. Ms. Annan took notes of the parents’ comments and, during the January grade level meetings and the February meetings with individual teachers, the comments will be discussed. Ms. Annan will present a detailed report in late January or early February about these issues for each grade level. If parents have concerns, please let her know.

• The Third Grade team attended the meeting. The third grade has been working on an Architect in the Schools project in which five visiting architects worked with the students to build model Greek and Roman cities. Today the students presented their model cities to the school and to parents. The project was very successful and the kids had a lot of fun.

• In response to discussion at the December PTA meeting, Ms. Schafner spoke to teachers whose classes play on the blacktop during recess and asked whether the students would prefer to play on the back field. Teachers and students discussed their choices and have decided at this point to continue to have recess on the blacktop.

Fundraising – Katherine Price
• The Winter Social will be held on February 4, 2011, at the Washington Golf and Country Club. Staff attends for free and their guests attend for $25. Tickets are available through the PTA website.

Treasurer – Jill Curran
• Current financial statements were distributed.

Internal Relations – Peggy Richardson
• Laura Ayres is working with Duane at the APS Career Center to order and install the new sound system in the Multi-purpose room.

• Ms. Annan has worked for several years to try to get interior door locks installed on classroom doors. Ms. Richardson and Audrey Lesesne met with Dr. James Landers, Jamestown’s School Board Liaison. He said that Mr. Stooks from Facilities will be available to meet with Ms. Richardson about the locks.

• Art Goes to School – Ms. Richardson will inventory the Art Goes to School materials that we have available and discuss the program with teachers at an upcoming staff meeting. If parents are interested in getting involved in this program, please contact Ms. Richardson.

• In response to a parent’s concern, we discussed whether Jamestown should give graded report cards to students starting in the third grade which would be consistent with the practice of all other APS elementary schools. Before the March 2011 PTA meeting, there will be an opportunity to discuss this issue. After that, the Jamestown community will be surveyed to determine whether to change this practice.

Adjourned 8:35 p.m.