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Minutes of the Jamestown PTA Meeting

January 3, 2012

Call to Order – Katherine Price

  • A motion was made and passed to approve the December 6, 2011 PTA meeting minutes.
  • Ms. Price thanked Rose Ella for organizing the Gaga Ball Pit.  It is installed!  It was a huge effort on her part.  She planned it, designed it, and worked through all the details with Facilities.  She started working on it in June and it was just installed.  The school is waiting to complete the final  installation and the P.E. Teachers will introduce it during class.


Principal’s Report – Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Thanks from the staff for the cookies before the holidays!  It was a great selection of goodies.
  • The staff selected the Teacher of the Year: Angela Foreman.  Angela has done a fabulous job working technology into the Special Ed classes and beyond. Pat Williams was selected as the Staff Member of the Year.
  • Please remember to send in hats and mittens/gloves for recess time.  Put names on the inside so missing articles can be returned.
  • As a follow-up from last month’s request, Ms. Schaffner checked into Wi-Fi at Jamestown.  She found that the wireless network is the same at all schools in the county.  We will see what the Superintendent will do regarding Wi-Fi in the schools.  There is currently a lawsuit in Oregon regarding this.  More to follow as details arise.  (An issue was first raised at the December PTA meeting about possible health risks surrounding the use of operating WiFi in schools.  Ms. Schaffner forwarded the material passed to her a Jamestown parent, Hamish Flett, to the Arlington Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Dr. Salah Khelfaoui, as well as to our Instructional Technology Coordinator.  She also reported that Jamestown is operating in a similar manner to other Arlington schools.  The materials from Mr. Flett included the reports discussed at the December meeting and details of a recent lawsuit against Portland Public Schools to remove WiFi from its schools. If you are interested in this issue, please contact Mr. Flett at hflett@live.com.)

Treasurer’s Report – Jill Curran

  • Current financials were distributed.
  • We are above our target in all fundraising.
  • The Homemade Pizza Restaurant Program earned $910.  It was very busy and many people ordered on-line the night before…but not everybody!  When the restaurant workers came in at noon the orders were flowing.  We bought the store out.  They had to get supplies from their other stores and they still ran out.  Homemade Pizza wants to do it again in the spring.  Jamestown will plan to do this.  Wendy Noe has not received any complaints from the parents but there were very long waits to pick up orders.  Next time we will know what to expect.
  • Script cards– We have made approximately $600 (we are still waiting last minute payments before we have a final number).
  • The Winter Social will be held on February 10, 2012.  There are a great number of volunteers working to get donations, class gifts, etc.  The committee is trying to do fun things this year.
  • Shoot for Change – Ms. Noe spoke to a well-known photographer who takes pictures for non-profits and posts them on-line for purchasing.  The photographer then donates his proceeds.  Unfortunately this photographer is not available on the date of the auction.  Ms. Noe will try to find another photographer and an update will go out in the PTA Newsletter.
  • Wine Pull – bottles of wine will be donated and then, at the auction, each participant pulls a ticket and a corresponding bottle of wine.  The wines are worth $20-$50.
  • Ms. Noe is going to send out a letter soliciting donations “A-Z,” giving 26 ideas of what could be donated.  The paper form of the invitation “Let’s Go Safari This Year” will be going out shortly but Ms. Noe would like everyone to sign-up online because it is a big time-saver.
  • Hard Times Restaurant– In early February, we will hold a Hard Times Café fundraiser. It will last 3 months and 10% of each check goes to Jamestown.  More details to follow – we will get a code on-line and use it at check out.
  • The number of yearbooks ordered is still far below 400 – we ordered 500.
  • Grocery Program- our proceeds appear to be identical to our proceeds at this time last year.

External Relations – Renee Clough

  • The concern has been brought up again that Jamestown is doing a tremendous amount of fundraising to benefit our school and a question was raised about whether we could share more of our success with the community (possibly a percentage of the Spring Fair proceeds).  Per Jill Curran, we are not allowed to raise money for Jamestown through the PTA and then give it to other charities, regardless of the worthiness of the charity.  We are, however, allowed to give to other PTA’s in Arlington.  We haven’t done much of this lately as Hoffman-Boston was no longer interested in our used coats and backpacks.  Ms. Schaffner offered to speak to the new principal at Hoffman-Boston about that school’s needs.  Katherine Price felt we should first ask Margie Finn to research needs in the community.  (We currently give $500 to the Planetarium every year and $500 to a scholarship fund.)  We could also donate some Spring Fair proceeds as long as they are separate from what the PTA brings in.  For example, we could dedicate the money raised at the Spring Fair’s Second Hand Treasures or bake sale to a charity.  Another example of how this could work would be Alex’s Lemonade Stand- no money flows through our organization.  We could also ask everyone to donate canned good when they purchase tickets.  Ms. Schaffner mentioned that APS helps schools in various ways.  Some schools have smaller class size or more teachers than Jamestown and other schools receive additional funding for certain programs.  She feels strongly that schools are getting what they need to be successful but schools are treated differently depending on their needs.  We will bring this up at another meeting that is better attended in order to vote on options.  Renee Clough will contact Margie Finn to touch base on the community needs.

Corresponding Secretary – Laura Cressey

  • Ms. Cressey will send out a request in the newsletter for a liaison to represent Jamestown on the APS capacity issues that are currently being discussed by the school board.  Proposals being considered are to build onto schools (including Jamestown) or build a new elementary school on Williamsburg’s grounds.  Katherine Price will provide monthly updates to the Jamestown community.