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PTA Meeting Minutes – April 5, 2011


 Call to Order – Cliff Logan

  • A discussion was held before the PTA meeting about whether to join the other APS elementary schools and give letter grades on report cards starting in the third grade.  Please send Kenwyn Schaffner any additional comments you have about this issue.
  • The PTA meeting was called to order after this discussion.
  • A motion was made and passed to approve the March 1, 2011 PTA meeting minutes.
  • The slate for the 2011-12 PTA vacancies are:  President – Katherine Price; VP of Internal Relations – Audrey Lesesne; VP External Relations – Renee Clough; Fundraising – Wendy Noe.  These will be announced in the e-newsletter and we will vote on this slate at the June PTA meeting.

Principal’s Report – Laura Annan Glascoe/Kenwyn Schaffner

  • Ms. Schaffner is still receiving positive feedback from parents and students about the school play.  Thank you to all of the parents and staff involved in producing the play and thanks to the PTA for helping to fund the production.  The new sound system was a big improvement.
  • The schedule for the SOLs will soon be sent out in the e-newsletter.

Internal Relations – Peggy Richardson

  • Ms. Richardson and Audrey Lesesne met with James Lander (Jamestown’s School Board Liaison) about installing internal door locks on classrooms that do not have them.  Mr. Lander indicated that there are other schools that do not have internal door locks on the classroom doors and APS believes that the current locks are adequate.

Fundraising – Katherine Price

  • Sheila Flett announced that we need more Spring Fair volunteers for the fair this Saturday, April 9, 2011.  Ms. Flett will check with Yorktown High school to see if students need community service hours.
  • We are looking for a Spring Fair Chair and an Auction Chair for next year.
  • The music teachers would like their budget to return to $3,000 next year so that they can bring in additional artists-in-residence.

 Treasurer – Jill Curran

  • Current financial statements were distributed.

Recording Secretary – Beth Welsh

  • The Virginia PTA approved our bylaws.  These bylaws are in effect until April 2016.


Adjourned 8:37 p.m.