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Jamestown CIP Survey Responses

  1. Wilson Site:

Wilson Site Key Summary:  Jamestown parents who responded to the survey are split over the Wilson site.  There were a number of negative comments in the section that asked for comments of the benefits of the site.  Those who like the option cited the opportunity to build a new state of the art school and to provide a neighborhood school in Rosslyn.   Those opposed think the location is inappropriate and too urban for a middle school.

What are the benefits of the Wilson site?

  • Alleviates overcrowding (adds more seats)
  • Roslyn kids could go to neighborhood school
  • Need a new school
  • Opportunity for state of the art facility.
  • Property already slated for a school/underutilized site.
  • Distributes children – not packed on one site. Good for re-zoning.
  • HB kids would not need to be uprooted .
  • Ease of construction/can begin immediately.
  • In favor of it if it is a choice school.
  • Can put HB kids in new Wilson site
  • Can build a bigger school from the ground up (support for multi-level building)


Negative responses to this question:

  • No benefits to having a middle school at that location.
  • Many parents don’t want their kids to go to an urban school.
  • Not practical – middle school students need outdoor space too.
  • Not good – horrendous location.
  • Not a viable option, too few live in that community
  • Don’t see any (benefits)
  • We don’t need new construction to clog up traffic.
  • Do not like this option.



  • They should use this as a relocation site for Stratford and &HB while their school is being renovated.
  • Seems we need more seats in S. Arlington.
  • Wasting 4 MM on marketing the CIP has not helped the overcrowding issue.
  • Start building and build now- my daughter has 27 kids in her 4th grade class.


What are the challenges of the Wilson site?

  • Not walk-able for everyone/location/ not a neighborhood school 1 (top concern)
  • Traffic/Transportation issues/parking (top concern)
  • Middle school students too young for urban area. (top concern)
  • No green space
  • Boundary changes
  • Doesn’t solve near-term overcrowding issue/timing/we need action now.
  • Expense/Cost
  • Site adaptation/Site too small/don’t like multi-level
  • In an area that doesn’t address the greatest need.


  1. Stratford Site:

Stratford Site Survey Summary:  Jamestown parents appear to be neutral on this option. Those in favor like the idea that it will be a neighborhood school and will use Stratford to its full potential.  Those opposed to not think HB should have to move and see resistance to that as the biggest challenge.


What are the benefits of renovations and additions to the Stratford site and relocation of H-B Woodlawn to Reed or another location?

  • Location/neighborhood school.
  • Generally like this option/best use of space for middle school/will eliminate overcrowding in highest density area.
  • Not a loss of a neighborhood school (HB)
  • Utilizes existing Stratford building to full potential.
  • The sites need renovating
  • More immediate space
  • Neighborhood kids can go to Reed or Stratford.
  • Potentially faster fix.
  • Reed is centrally located for HB.
  • Enough green space.
  • Cost efficient (APS already owns).


Negative Comments to this question:

  • None
  • Costly
  • Disruptive to Students and teachers at HB/Upsetting to HB Community.
  • Use the Madison Center
  • Would impact Children’s Center
  • Reed site and Westover cannot accommodate HB.
  • Renovations costly and disruptive.
  • Reed was just renovated.
  • Keep HB where it is – crown jewel program.
  • Arlington should not choose this option.


What are the challenges of renovations and additions to the Stratford site and relocation of H-B Woodlawn to Reed or another location?

  • Renovations while students attend the school.
  • Challenge convincing HB to move
  • Displacing a highly successful program.
  • Changes would need to be made at Reed.
  • It doesn’t solve the near term overcrowding problem.
  • Most expensive and time-consuming option.
  • Still will have overcrowded schools (even after renovation)
  • Moving the Children’s School
  • Entire building needs to be overhauled.
  • Renovations are not as ideal as a new school.
  • Redistricting and transportation.


Positive comments to this question:

  • None
  • Whichever would yield the most seats the soonest.
  • Makes sense to me.
  • Minimal challenges.
  • Stratford site is a good location for a middle school.


  1. What do you think the Arlington School Board should do about the current overcrowding crisis at Williamsburg (before new seats are added in 2019)?

In order of popularity:  n=48

  1. Add a sixth grade academy at Madison (30%)
  2. Redistrict /Move Williamsburg island students closer to their neighborhood (16%)
  3. Add students to HB program. (8%)
  4. Build a new school at HB/move HB to Wilson (6%)
  5. Add more trailers. (6%)


  1. Staggered start schedule.
  2. Consider Langston Brown.
  3. Enforce residency eligibility.
  4. Build up.
  5. Find unused county space.
  6. Find out what other counties are doing.
  7. Use libraries and auditorium as classroom space.
  8. Add a sixth grade to the new elementary school near Williamsburg.
  9. Build a new school at Wilson immediately.
  10. Middle school at Lubber Run site – good central location and funds for developing have already been allocated.
  11. Consider the ATS site.
  12. Create a gifted and talented program in another part of the county to draw students there.



  • School Board needs to explain why it has failed to mitigate this crisis.
  • How is SB addressing loss of green space?