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School Board Caucus

There will be a chance for Arlingtonians to help narrow the pool of candidates for Arlington Public Schools School Board this week.  The Arlington Democratic Party will hold a caucus on Thursday, 15 May 2014, from 7pm-9pm at Drew Model School, and then on Saturday, 17 May 2014, from 11am-7pm at Washington-Lee High School.  The winner of the caucus will receive the party’s endorsement for the November election.  Further details regarding the caucus process can be found on the party’s website (http://www.arlingtondemocrats.org/).

Candidate Statements

Greg Greeley
Nancy Van Doren
Barbara Kanninen



PTA Positions Needed for Next Year

The Jamestown PTA has many exciting things planned for the 2014-2015 school year but to make these events and activities possible… We need your help! Any amount of time you can give would be appreciated. Interested? Please see the list below with the open positions and email the nominating committee at nominating-committee@jamestownpta.org with your interest or questions.

Community Relations:

CCPTA Liaison – representing Jamestown at monthly meetings of Arlington County Council of PTAs and reporting back to the Executive Board

External Relations (Budget) – Represent Jamestown at APS meetings (generally December through April) related to the budget, inform the community and Executive Board informed about the process, and gather community feedback to communicate to APS Staff/School Board members

External Relations (More Seats) – Represent Jamestown at APS meetings related to the More Seats initiative (Capital Improvement and Development), inform the community, and gather community feedback to communicate to APS Staff/School Board members

Membership -reach out to parents to join the PTA and coordinate membership

New families – help new families transition to Jamestown by matching them with returning families, coordinating rising kindergartener playdates and hosting a coffee on the first day of school.

Social committee – help coordinate an outdoor movie night, folk dancing and other socials next fall.

Reflections Contest – Work with Kathi Leon to run the Reflections Contest for Jamestown

Internal Relations/curriculum enhancement:

After school activities – work with Lara Meadows to coordinate after school activities with vendors and manage student registration

Schoolyard habitat/landscaping – coordinate the upkeep of the school’s landscaping and outdoor spaces, including volunteer events

Outdoor Classroom – work with Ms. Runkle to coordinate volunteers to support our outdoor classroom

5th grade graduation coordinator – coordinate the 5th grade graduation ceremony, t-shirts, pool party, and sock hop (for rising 5th grade parents)


Assistant treasurers – support the treasurer by reconciling our bank account each month, managing online payments through paypal or filling other needs. May be done remotely.  Should be able to use a spreadsheet or capable of entering deposits into an online register.


Book fair co-chair – plan and coordinate the Fall book chair in the library (usually November).

Grocery cards – advertise the grocery program to our community and help parents register. The majority of the time is in the early Fall.

Spirit Wear Merchandise – Work with Amy Fang to order and sell spirit wear in the fall

Art-Based Merchandise – Advertise and coordinate the art-based fundraiser in the fall

School supplies – work with teachers to obtain school supply lists, advertise the program to parents in the spring and deliver school supplies for first day of school (late spring and early fall)

Spring fair co-chair – plan and coordinate the spring fair including booking vendors and finding chairs for games and concessions (usually April).

Winter social (event/donations) – Work with Grace Shea to plan and coordinate the winter social event and auction donations.

Winter social co-chair (finance/technology) – Run the auction software and manage the finances alongside Grace Shea


Jaguar Post advisor – work with 5th grade students in publishing articles for Jamestown’s online newspaper on Friday’s during lunch. (Rising 5th grade parent)

Poetry journal – coordinate publication of the poetry journal in late winter

Elementary School at Williamsburg – Notice of Intent to Organize a PTA

The families within the boundary of the new elementary school on the Williamsburg Middle School campus intend to organize a Parent Teacher Association.  The organizational meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 7 p.m. at Williamsburg Middle School room 201.  The purpose of this meeting is to officially form the PTA, approve the bylaws (attached) after considering any proposed amendments, elect officers, and discuss any new business.

Nominations for officer positions should be sent to the Nominating Committee Chair, Joanne Guerrera (joanneguerrera@verizon.net), by Monday, May 12th.  Officer positions under the draft bylaws are:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Public Affairs Officer. Each officer shall serve a minimum of a one year term.

Special Election for Arlington County Board

Arlington County is holding a special election on Tuesday, April 8 to fill an open seat on the County Board.  The winner of this election will need to run again in November.  The Jamestown PTA does not endorse any specific candidate, but we encourage you to read the statements below by the four candidates to learn more about them and vote in the upcoming election.  The Arlington County Board approves the vast majority of funding available for use by Arlington Public Schools (APS).  Also, the county and schools work with each other in terms of physical plant, debt issuance, security, and human capital.  Thus, the make-up of the County Board is a matter of importance to Arlingtonians with children in APS.

Candidate Statements – Vision for Arlington County APS Balance:
Stephen Holbrook
Alan Howze
Janet Murphy
John Vihstadt 

PTA Meeting on March 4: Voting on Principal Interview Committee for New School and Providing Feedback on the Capital Improvement/Development Plan

Please join us for our next PTA Meeting on March 4 at 7:30 pm in the library.  At this meeting we will vote to select two parents to serve on the interview committee for the new school on the Williamsburg campus.  As part of the Capital Improvement and Development Plan (CIP/CDP), Jamestown has been asked to provide feedback as a community on a new set of questions related to elementary school and middle school capacity, so we will also provide feedback to be incorporated into our community’s response.  Please click APS CIP Community Meeting to review the questions asked of our community.  We hope that you will be able to attend to vote and provide feedback.  If you are unable to attend, you may e-mail feedback on the CIP/CDP questions in advance to our President, Jill Curran, at president@jamestownpta.org.

Time to Register for Kindergarten

For parents of rising kindergartners, it is time to start registering your child for next year’s kindergarten class.  Children must be registered at the elementary school that they will attend. Stop by the Jamestown front office or go to apsva.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=2992 to learn more.  Registration begins February 1st for the following school year. While there is no deadline for registration, parents are encouraged to register early.  All registration and health requirements must be met for a child to be admitted.

There will also be Jamestown Kindergarten Information Night on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the multi-purpose room. Come meet the Jamestown Kindergarten teachers and learn about the Kindergarten Program at the school.

Please pass this information along to parents of rising kindergartners!

Survey Results on the Capital Improvement/Development Plan

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Jamestown survey on the Capital Improvement/Development plan.  We received 133 responses to our survey and have forwarded a compilation of our responses to APS Staff.

Here are a few of the key take-aways from the survey:

  • Consistent with prior surveys that we’ve run, our parents are strongly opposed to increasing class size, and this was the option with which they were most uncomfortable at every level of schooling.  69%-75% said that they were Very Uncomfortable with this option.
  • After increasing class size, year-round schools was the option with which parents were most uncomfortable with 60% Uncomfortable or Very Uncomfortable with this option at every level of schooling.
  • Parents seemed to be somewhat comfortable with increasing utilization and/or adjusting class schedules.
  • In the comments section several parents expressed the need to keep families on the same schedule if year-round schooling or schedule adjustments (adding periods) were made.
  • Parents seem to be comfortable, if not in favor of, teaming among elementary schools and relocating programs as a way of managing elementary school capacity.  In fact, several of the comments in our survey expressed support for relocating programs like pre-school and utilizing community centers.
  • Parents seemed to be interested in creating middle/high school capacity by either decoupling the HB Woodlawn program (eg, building a new campus for HB Woodlawn high school) or creating another school like HB in scope/size with 68% of parents selecting one of those two options over additions.
  • In the comments section many parents noted that they didn’t have enough information to respond to certain questions.  The options need to be fleshed out more, and we need to educate the community about the pros/cons of alternatives.

Please click here for a complete compilation of the survey results..

Winter Social — 2/7

With Spring Fever just around the corner…the Winter Social, Jamestown PTA’s biggest fundraiser, is here!  Funds are raised for many of the things that make Jamestown special, such as the wellness efforts, technology like iPads and computers, and events such as artists and authors in residence.  The whole community is counted on to come, have fun and buy lots of great auction items! Please join us!
View Invitation | Buy Tickets | Make a Donation

School Play Update!

Thanks to all who sent in registration forms for your students who are interested in participating in the JES’s 2014 production, HOMERUN HARMONY! We had an overwhelming response with 113 kindergarten and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students and 73 4th and 5th grade students registering to participate. As much as we wanted to take all of the students who registered, we just could not due to safety, space, and management issues. This year, we have 125 K-5 students participating in all aspects of the production (including 27 students participating in the various crews!) with 61 students on various wait lists. See more…