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Send us your ‘wish-list’ requests

It is that time of year when the PTA looks at how well we’ve done for the year and decides whether we have extra funds to grant toward “wish list” requests.  Each year staff members and parents present many ideas to the PTA at the May 1 meeting for consideration.  That is how we built the gaga ball pit, installed the new sound system in the auditorium, and purchased many of the iPads for our students.  If you have any ideas, please send them to Jill Curran at treasurer@jamestownpta.orgby April 20 and attend the May 1 meeting.In the past, the PTA has given most careful consideration to ideas when they have had a detailed cost quote and a champion attending the meeting.  While general ideas are welcome, it is very difficult for the PTA to approve immediate funds without knowing the amount of funds required and without having someone willing to champion the idea.  It is also very useful to have the champion present to answer questions that may be asked about the idea.  Even if you don’t have a wish list request, we welcome you to attend the May 1 meeting to listen to all of the wonderful ideas and vote on them.  The June 5 meeting will also be an exciting one where we will vote on a draft budget for next year

Open positions on the PTA Board for the 2012-2013 school year

If you are interested in getting more involved maybe one of these would be a fit for you.  It is very rewarding.  Please contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee for more information: Renee Clough, Jill Curran, Audrey Lesesne, Karen Apsel or Becky Logan.  Don’t hesitate!

PTA Board: Open Positions

1. Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer – CPA or finance guru, or just have a knack for business, administration, or managing personal finances?  We are looking for someone who has interest in working into the Treasurer role.  You may start as an Assistant, helping with the finances behind all of our fundraising activities and programs as well as wish list requests and budgeting.  This job may be done almost entirely from home or work and touches almost every area in which the PTA is involved in one way or another.  No particular degrees or experience are required, but you should be detail-oriented, organized, and good at administrative tasks.  Our current Treasurer, Jill Curran, will be a great teacher and work partner for you.

2. VP Communications (Corresponding Secretary)
This 2 year commitment could be a great fit for you.  Here is a description of what the job entails:
You attend all Executive Committee meetings and PTA Meetings
You are in charge of communications between the PTA and the community and PTA-sponsored publications.
You oversee the PTA website and the Listserv, and publication of the JES Directory, the Yearbook, the Poetry Journal, and For Kids Eyes Only
You are in charge of any surveys that PTA wishes to conduct of the JES community.
You ensure that decisions taken at the monthly PTA meetings, and any other meetings or events, are communicated to the community as appropriate.

Ready, set, ‘Let’s Go Safari!’

The Jamestown PTA’s Spring Fair is just a few days away!  Let’s Go Safari is Sat., April 21 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There’s still time to:

  • Buy tickets and T-shirts during lunch
  • Bring in used books and DVDs — deposit in third grade hallway
  • Bring in stuffed animals and full tennis cans — deposit in marked boxes and bins in lobby Bring in second-hand treasures — drop off in gym lobby
  • And on Friday, bring your baked goods for the bake sale) and decorated cakes for cake walk
New games this year:

  • Digital Photo Booth – have your picture taken with your friends and put it in a key chain!
  • Glitter Tattoos – Choose from over 100 stencils to create a unique look that’s completely safe!
  • Sand Art – Create colorful art bottles full of sand!
  • Hungry Hippo – Toss a bean bag into a Hippo’s smiling mouth!

Of course, your favorite games will be there – moon bounce, money machine, pony rides, face painting, hair art, obstacle course — plus lots of delicious food, cotton candy, popcorn and all sorts of treats!