Open PTA Positions for 2017-2018

It is that time of year again!  We are very fortunate to have an active and dedicated community but we still have a few PTA positions that are open.  Only one of these positions requires regular attendance at PTA meetings, so please consider volunteering if you can. The positions are:

Treasurer:  This is the only position that requires regular attendance at our monthly meetings but, really, what can be more important than tracking and safeguarding our generously donated funds? The Treasurer also has 3-4 people to help him/her.

Communications:  We have several important, and flexible, needs in this area. Take a bunch of classroom candids? Help with social media or the yearbook! Have some time in between things at home? Help with the Newsletter! Are you organized and only available late summer/early school year? Help with the Directory! If you can help in any capacity PLEASE let us know.

New Families Coordinator:  This is a great way to meet new families and introduce them to our community. This position matches incoming families with current Jamestown families that mentor our new faces. Mingle events can be planned as well. This position is completely what you make of it.

After School Enrichment Co-Coordinator:  The After School Enrichment program is the activities that we offer after school for our students. Again, we use a contractor AND we have one co-coordinator but we need another person to help coordinate the contractor and the Jamestown teachers and staff to ensure a smooth program.

Payments Coordinator:  We need a volunteer to process payments. This position can happen entirely at home.

Finally, several of our most active positions and committees began because someone had an idea. Our Wellness Committee, Safety Committee and Social positions are all fairly new and were started by parents with an interested or who saw a need.  If you have an idea PLEASE don’t hesitate to let us know! We welcome your thoughts and ideas! Please contact Jen Leonard at internal-relations@jamestownpta.org.