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Year-End Not So Good News: CIP Unresolved on Middle School Capacity

Please pay attention if you plan to send your child to Williamsburg Middle School in the coming years.

The Arlington Public Schools (APS) board approved its 2014 bond funding proposal this week and, regrettably, punted on deciding how and where to build new middle school capacity in north Arlington.
Opposition from some community members to APS’s conceptual plans for use of the Wilson site as a secondary school, and potential changes at the Stratford facility (where the H.B. Woodlawn program now operates) caused the board to drop all north Arlington middle school construction money from the 2014 CIP proposal. The board-approved CIP includes $4 million for planning and community engagement process, but omitted the funds requested by Superintendent Murphy to build new capacity. The APS CIP proposal now goes to the County Board for approval in mid July. If approved, it will be placed on the November ballot for voter approval. The next CIP will be considered two years from now.

Your PTA board is quite concerned that the APS board’s action will delay new construction needed to reduce expected overcrowding at Williamsburg. We will be sending a letter next week to the County Board expressing our concerns. A draft of the letter is posted for your review on the PTA website.

We encourage you to contact the County Board and School Board by email to convey your opinions directly, recognizing that, as on all things Arlington, views are diverse. Key communications points are posted on the PTA website for your consideration. That said, if you expect your child to attend Williamsburg or another middle school in north Arlington, we believe you should be concerned by the board’s decision.

For more information, please contact PTA president Tom Jensen at president@jamestownpta.org.