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Survey Results on the Capital Improvement/Development Plan

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Jamestown survey on the Capital Improvement/Development plan.  We received 133 responses to our survey and have forwarded a compilation of our responses to APS Staff.

Here are a few of the key take-aways from the survey:

  • Consistent with prior surveys that we’ve run, our parents are strongly opposed to increasing class size, and this was the option with which they were most uncomfortable at every level of schooling.  69%-75% said that they were Very Uncomfortable with this option.
  • After increasing class size, year-round schools was the option with which parents were most uncomfortable with 60% Uncomfortable or Very Uncomfortable with this option at every level of schooling.
  • Parents seemed to be somewhat comfortable with increasing utilization and/or adjusting class schedules.
  • In the comments section several parents expressed the need to keep families on the same schedule if year-round schooling or schedule adjustments (adding periods) were made.
  • Parents seem to be comfortable, if not in favor of, teaming among elementary schools and relocating programs as a way of managing elementary school capacity.  In fact, several of the comments in our survey expressed support for relocating programs like pre-school and utilizing community centers.
  • Parents seemed to be interested in creating middle/high school capacity by either decoupling the HB Woodlawn program (eg, building a new campus for HB Woodlawn high school) or creating another school like HB in scope/size with 68% of parents selecting one of those two options over additions.
  • In the comments section many parents noted that they didn’t have enough information to respond to certain questions.  The options need to be fleshed out more, and we need to educate the community about the pros/cons of alternatives.

Please click here for a complete compilation of the survey results..