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Update on School Boundaries

At the last community meeting on school boundaries, APS Staff narrowed down the boundary options to 4 proposals (A-D).  All 4 proposals move planning units 2209-2212 to the new elementary school and do not move planning unit 2207.  The options differ in how many and which students from Taylor are moved into Jamestown.  A, C, and D move planning units 2302 (Bellevue Forest) and 2303 (26th Street) to Jamestown, reducing our projected student population by a net of 30 students, while B moves only planning unit 2302 (Bellevue Forest) to Jamestown, reducing our projected population by a net of 93 students.  They also differ in which planning units outside Jamestown go to the new school and other boundary moves to existing schools.  The presentation with the boundary options can be found here.

APS Staff also presented a map showing a 0.5 mile walk zone around each school and proposed splits in the current boundaries.  While current planning units may be less than ideal, APS is using them in the interest of time.  The proposed splits are an attempt to correct any planning units that may be particularly poorly designed and could otherwise result in illogical changes being made.  In some cases, the splits could divide a planning unit to ensure that the walking portion at a school (often designated as the portion within 0.5 mile even though the walk zone is currently 1 mile) or divide it more naturally around major roads.  There were no proposed splits within the Jamestown boundary.  The only split that might impact the Jamestown community directly is a proposed split of 2302 (Bellevue Forest), since this planning unit is moved to Jamestown in all 4 proposed boundary changes.  Other proposed splits include 1701, the planning unit just west of Williamsburg.  Click here to see a map of the proposed splits.

Please note that the proposed options and splits are just proposals.  New or revised options, particularly with split planning units, are likely to be proposed and nothing will be final until the School Board votes on a proposed set of changes.