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School Boundaries

At Wednesday night’s boundary meeting, APS staff unveiled a preliminary “core” set of planning units for the new school.  The core is an attempt to gain consensus on a group of planning units for the new school based on the planning units that were assigned to the new school in most boundary options.  The “core” set of planning units includes all Jamestown neighborhoods west of Old Dominion (planning units 2209 through 2212) and can be seen online.

Community members were asked to provide feedback on the core, and many questioned the inclusion of one planning unit and the exclusion of another, suggesting that there may be further revisions to the core.  Please also note that the core only fills roughly 2/3 of the seats targeted for the new school, so a planning unit such as 2207 (the neighborhood between Williamsburg Blvd., Old Dominion, and Glebe Rd.) could still be moved to the new school even though it wasn’t included in the core.

Please note that there was an error in Tuesday’s e-mail about boundaries.  There were only 3 community-proposed boundary options (#1, 10, 16) that move the neighborhood between Williamsburg Blvd., Old Dominion, and Glebe Rd. (planning unit 22207) to the new school. You may view all proposed boundary options online or find your planning unit using this map of the Jamestown school district.

As a reminder, the School Board plans to make decisions about the new boundaries by this April.  We have already received lots of feedback on various school boundary proposals and encourage others with questions, suggestions, or concerns to e-mail us at feedback@jamestownpta.org.  There are also several upcoming meetings where you may provide feedback, including a series of community meetings.  The next one will be on February 6 at 7 pm at Williamsburg, and others are listed at the bottom of e-newsletter.  We will also dedicate a portion of each upcoming PTA meeting (Tuesday, February 5 and Tuesday, March, 5 at 7:30 pm) to this topic and have our school ambassador on hand to answer questions and relay feedback to APS Staff.