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Update on Design of New Elementary School on the Williamsburg Campus

This week’s BLPC meeting was mostly a review of the past four months for the audience, since the public was allowed to comment and ask questions at the end of the meeting.  This was an opportunity for the community to ask questions about parking/traffic, school location and design as well as provide commentary about new school.  All responses to the comments and questions asked during the forum will be posted on the new ES website;  www.apsva.us/newES1.

During the review, the VMDO architects also revealed their latest school design (Concept 1.5), which combines the previous two concepts into a single concept and incorporates suggestions from the design committee.  You can view the full presentation and see this design at http://www.apsva.us/cms/lib2/VA01000586/Centricity/Domain/105/BLPC%20Open%20Work%20session%20130109.pdf.

On Mon, Jan. 14, 2013, from 6-8 p.m., there will be a “Gallery Walk” for public review of the work to date at the Williamsburg Middle School Library.  This allows the community the opportunity to view the various concept designs and other relevant information for the new elementary school. Members of the design team and APS staff will be stationed near illustrations on various aspects of the project to receive comments and answer questions.