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New School Boundaries Coming into Focus

APS is moving forward with its process to set new boundaries for JES and six other elementary schools in order to determine which children will attend the new elementary school planned for the Williamsburg campus.  APS has just posted a survey to take community opinion on the boundary choices.  We encourage your participation in the APS survey.  In addition, the APS “More Seats” website now shows 9 potential boundary arrangements here.  We encourage JES community members to view these images. These are not official plans; they have been developed by citizens using the on-line planning tool provided by APS, but they are reasonably representative of the range of potential options that APS will consider.  Parents who live in APS planning units 2209-2212 (all 4 planning units west of Old Dominion) should know that every one of the community-proposed options moves planning units 2209-2212 to the new school, and option #1 also moves 2207 (the planning unit between Glebe/Old Dominion/Williamsburg) to the new school.

If you have opinions about the options shown on the APS site or wish to offer your own options, keep in mind the upcoming steps in the planning process:

January 23: Community Meeting at WMS at 7pm where they are expected to present an analysis of the 9 community-proposed boundary options
January 28: APS Staff and Ambassadors present at Kindergarten Information Night at WL – Information Sharing
February 5: Ambassadors meet with PTAs of impacted schools
February 6: 7pm Community Meeting at Williamsburg for updates, feedback, and refinement of options

Also, please share your opinions with the JES PTA by emailing to feedback@jamestownpta.org.  Our leadership will be attending many of these meetings and also regularly correspond with APS staff and School Board members about boundary issues, and we will communicate thoughts shared to us at those times.