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Update on November 26 Boundary Meeting

APS held a boundary meeting on Monday, November 26 to kick off the next stage of the process, option development.  The plan is to develop several options for new school boundaries in November and December, analyze and evaluate them in January/February, and then present a recommendation to the Board in March.  The goal is for families to know about the new school boundaries over a year before the new school opens.

The main purpose of the meeting was to unveil an online planning tool that allows anyone to develop boundary options, which is available here.  The tool allows you to move “planning units” (the building blocks on which our school boundaries are built) from one school to another until you achieve an option where all schools are in the right capacity range.  You may then submit the boundary option for APS Staff.  The tool is still in a test stage, and APS staff solicited feedback on the tool.