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Building Level Planning Committee Meeting for New School

The Building Level Planning Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, November 28, which focused on traffic.  The Toole group presented their findings based on data collected in September.  From this data, they recommended that the Williamsburg campus have a total of 274 parking spaces (171 for the middle school and 103 for the elementary school), most of which would be onsite.  The report will be available for public viewing in a week on the new school website. <!–more–>

The architecture firm, VMDO, then presented three vignettes located in the SE, Center and NW quadrants of the campus.  For each of the designs, the discussion was centered around traffic flow.  How and where would buses unload?  Where is parent drop-off?  And how does traffic (car, bus and pedestrian) flow into the school.

At the end of the meeting, some members expressed concerns about the vignette in the NW quadrant.  The school will be placed 580 feet back from the road (1/4mile), which is a long distance for pedestrians.  APS is also going to put in a through road to connect 36th to Harrison, which will require the recreation fields to be moved.  The fields will border this new street, so a fence must be built along the road behind the goal posts.  Lastly, this option draws all traffic up to the NW quadrant from two directions.  Based on the Toole study, this is not recommended.  This forces significant traffic back onto Harrison (around the middle school) or out to the Edison/Old Dominion, which was determined to be an unsafe intersection.