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Come to May 1 PTA meeting to vote on wish lists

Please come to the PTA meeting on Tuesday, May 1 at 7:30 pm to vote on “wish list” requests.  Once every year, staff members and parents present many ideas to the PTA about how we can utilize any extra funds that we may have at the end of the year.  That is how we built the gaga ball pit, installed the new sound system in the auditorium, and purchased many of the iPads for our students.

Given our projections for the current fiscal year, we have $4078 available for wish lists this year and potentially up to $10,278 if we reduce next year’s budget by $6200 relative to this year’s budget.  Parents and staff have submitted over $28,500 in wish lists requests.  Unfortunately, we do not have funds available to approve all wish lists, so it is very important that you come to vote on the amount that we will approve for wish lists and the individual ideas.  Please note that the more that we approve for wish lists, the less we will have for next year’s budget, so this vote is important for anyone with a stake in next year’s budget.  We recommend, in particular, that anyone with a wish list request come to the meeting to present his or her idea and answer questions. Please see the attached handout for more detail on the funds that we have available and the ideas proposed: Wish Lists 2011-2012.

We will be voting on a draft budget for next year at the June 5 PTA meeting.  The total amount of funds available for program expenses next year will be dictated by the amount of wish lists approved at the May 1 meeting, but we will not allocate the budget to specific areas until June 5.  If you have any suggestions for next year’s budget, you should send a written request to Jill Curran at treasurer@jamestownpta.org no later than May 11.  And be sure to attend the June 5 meeting to vote on the budget for next year.