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Open PTA Positions

We are looking to fill several open PTA positions for next year:

Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer
Sally Foster Fundraiser Chair or co-chairs
After School Activities- Coordinator(s)
PTA Webmaster
School Board Rep
Wellness Committee
Winter Social/Auction

Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer – CPA or finance guru, or just have a knack for business, administration, or managing personal finances? We are looking for someone who has interest in working into the Treasurer role. You may start as an Assistant, helping with the finances behind all of our fundraising activities and programs as well as wish list requests and budgeting. This job may be done almost entirely from home or work and touches almost every area in which the PTA is involved in
one way or another. No particular degrees or experience are required, but you should be detail-oriented, organized, and good at administrative tasks.

Sally Foster Fundraiser Chair or co-chairs – will be done mostly on-line this year so could easily be done by one person or shared between two.

After School Activities- Coordinator(s) would work with vendors and coordinate the schedule for the programs as well as distribute information to the school. This spans the entire school year. A
coordinator is needed immediately for this program to continue.

PTA Webmaster – Manage the PTA website on an ongoing basis. The webmaster will need to approve posts for publication, update merchandise in the PTA store (using Paypal buttons), and make other
updates to the site.

School Board Rep- Representative would attend School Board Meetings once a month and report back to the PTA. This requires minimal effort but is so important going forward with hot school issues
such as capacity.

Wellness Committee- The Wellness Committee is looking for a leader. It has been a great year and programs are starting to take hold. The committee chairman would have active committee members ready to go! We would love someone who has a healthy oriented background to provide some guidance for future programs and events.

Winter Social/Auction- The lead role is needed to coordinate the volunteers and event decisions. Three committee members have already committed to next year. Wendy Noe, the Fundraising VP, will be there to assist but needs to hand over the reins for 2013 and beyond.

Please contact communityrelations@jamestownpta.org if you are interested in any of the above positions. All of the above positions have a minimum commitment of one year.