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Open positions on the PTA Board for the 2012-2013 school year

If you are interested in getting more involved maybe one of these would be a fit for you.  It is very rewarding.  Please contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee for more information: Renee Clough, Jill Curran, Audrey Lesesne, Karen Apsel or Becky Logan.  Don’t hesitate!

PTA Board: Open Positions

1. Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer – CPA or finance guru, or just have a knack for business, administration, or managing personal finances?  We are looking for someone who has interest in working into the Treasurer role.  You may start as an Assistant, helping with the finances behind all of our fundraising activities and programs as well as wish list requests and budgeting.  This job may be done almost entirely from home or work and touches almost every area in which the PTA is involved in one way or another.  No particular degrees or experience are required, but you should be detail-oriented, organized, and good at administrative tasks.  Our current Treasurer, Jill Curran, will be a great teacher and work partner for you.

2. VP Communications (Corresponding Secretary)
This 2 year commitment could be a great fit for you.  Here is a description of what the job entails:
You attend all Executive Committee meetings and PTA Meetings
You are in charge of communications between the PTA and the community and PTA-sponsored publications.
You oversee the PTA website and the Listserv, and publication of the JES Directory, the Yearbook, the Poetry Journal, and For Kids Eyes Only
You are in charge of any surveys that PTA wishes to conduct of the JES community.
You ensure that decisions taken at the monthly PTA meetings, and any other meetings or events, are communicated to the community as appropriate.